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About PFRS

The Pristine Faith Restoration Society seeks to research and promote the most ancient beliefs and practices of Christianity. We strongly oppose the concept that the Christian religion should evolve in its theology. Our basic premise is that Jesus delivered to His Apostles what His Father commanded, the Holy Spirit completed their training after Jesus' ascension, and the Apostles in turn deposited the complete and unchangeable Christian teaching in the Apostolic churches they founded in the first century. The Apostolic tradition was not to be altered in any way, or added to, but strictly upheld and defended against all heresies. It therefore follows that the earliest Christian tradition is the true Apostolic Christian Faith, and that all theological positions that do not agree with the earliest traditions are false. In other words, PFRS rejects the concept of continued revelation or development after the Apostles of Jesus died, either through Apostolic Succession, alleged modern apostles and prophets, or even theological refinement.

This raises the question of how one is to determine the earliest Apostolic tradition. The Pristine Faith Restoration Society has based its process for discovering this on four basic principles:

  • Absolute Authority of Scripture
  • Consistent Grammatical - Historical Interpretation of Scripture
  • Sound Logic
  • Historical Precedent in the Early Church

Many conservative Christian groups claim to follow the first two or three principles. But the fourth principle is equally important. It is to check our interpretations of Scripture against the earliest known beliefs contained in the Ante Nicene Fathers. That is, in addition to interpreting the Bible using all available resources, PFRS also seeks an historical link to "the Faith once for all delivered to the saints" by the Apostles. Paul wrote to the Thessalonians, "Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word [oral tradition], or our epistle [written Scripture]" (1 Thess. 2:15).

This does not mean we always agree with the early Fathers. But, when we disagree, we need to show clearly why they were wrong, and what it was that led to their error. If we cannot explain a descrepency between our conclusions and the consensus views of the early Church, we need to reexamine our own interpretations.

PFRS does not believe the Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox Churches have been faithful custodians of the oral tradition of the Apostles. Christianity has evolved radically in their custody, as can be verified by comparing both of these with the Apostolic Fathers. PFRS believes the earliest literature of the Church, from the first two or three centuries, contains much valuable information regarding the oral tradition passed down by the Apostles. This information, when confirmed with Scripture, can be used to ensure that one's interpretations of Scripture are not of his own invention, or based on a theological bias. Unfortunately, Protestantism has largely rejected or neglected the writings of the early Church as a reaction against Catholicism. PFRS seeks linkage to the early post-Apostolic Church, not through a traceable line of ordained priests or bishops, but through agreement of pristine orthodoxy — the earliest Apostolic tradition.

PFRS is in the process of developing a complete systematic theology which agrees both with Scripture and the earliest oral tradition of the Apostles preserved in the Ante Nicene Fathers. This includes a return to the ancient millennial belief, "Chiliasm," held by the earliest Christian fathers, the earliest doctrine and mode of baptism, and many other theological issues.

As you browse the various studies on this website, you will find a consistent application of our core principles, regardless of where that takes us theologically. We have no ax to grind, no pet doctrine, no denomination to defend, and no sacred cows. Truth above all else is our standard. Getting back to pristine Christianity is our goal.