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Marriage & Gender Roles

By Tim Warner
Copyright The Pristine Faith Restoration Society

PFRS has taken some unpopular stands on a variety of topics, from baptism to the posttribulation rapture. It is not our intention to be controversial. But, it is our intention to peruse the true Apostolic teaching on every topic, and embrace it, regardless of its popularity or lack thereof.

The role of male and female, in the home and in the church, is one of those hot potato topics. And consistent with the philosophy of PFRS, we are not about to bow to political correctness now. We will "contend for the Faith once for all delivered to the saints" whether or not that isolates us from others, or earns us the reputation of being backward.

The articles here attempt to provide a ballanced and biblical approach, based upon handling the text of Scripture as we do with every other topic, according to the four principles stated in the PFRS philosophy and methodology section.